Splurge versus Steal: Glass Pendant Lamps


I have long had a love affair with the exquisite hand-blown glass lighting of jGoodDesign.  One of many designs they offer, the Strata Chandelier is a work of art.  Individually crafted by hand in their studio in New York City, these light fixtures don’t come cheap, but they are as worthy of investment as any painting or sculpture you will find in a gallery.  Each piece is handmade to order and can be customized in a wide range of sizes, colors, and finishes.  Besides being an expert craftsman, designer Jeffrey Goodman cares about the environment.  He crafts the glass out of partially recycled, natural, and eco-friendly materials that cut down on local landfill waste and save energy during the production process.  For more info on their products, pricing, and process, visit the jGoodDesign website: http://www.jgooddesign.com/

For those who love the look of hand-blown glass pendants but aren’t ready for that level of investment, Room and Board now offers six different glass pendant designs each priced at $299, including the Hennepin Made Banded Globe Pendant shown above.  As with jGoodDesign, each glass pendant is hand-blown in Hennepin Made’s Minneapolis studio.  Hang the pendants individually or buy several to group together.  To order, visit:



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