Tin Ceiling Tile and Wallpaper, a Match Made in Heaven

Brooklyn Tins Wallpaper
Photo Credit: Anthropologie
Photo Credit: Rocket St George
Photo Credit: Rocket St George

In my recent post about creative design treatments for the ceiling, I mentioned the beauty of plaster/tin ceiling tile, as well as the endless possibilities of wallpaper on the ceiling.  Imagine my surprise when I was browsing Anthropologie’s website and discovered a product that combines tin ceiling tile and wallpaper in one!  Shown here, Brooklyn Tins wallpaper (a collaboration between Netherlands based wallpaper manufacturer NLXL and designer Merci, Paris) is a fun and funky alternative to the time consuming task of installing and painting tin ceiling tiles.  The pattern is actually a super high resolution print on heavy-duty, colorfast, hand-washable wallpaper.

It is important to note that the tiles depicted on the wallpaper are a much larger scale than that of actual typical tiles.  This photo shows the scale of the tiles in relation to a chair.  If you are seeking a traditional, realistic look, particularly in a small room with a standard height (8 foot) ceiling, this wallpaper probably won’t work for you.  However, if you want to add a bit of drama and playfulness to a room with high ceilings, this wallpaper has fantastic potential.

While Anthropologie offers only the first pattern shown here, my online search led me to The Wallpaper Collective, which offers the full range of Brooklyn Tins wallpaper designs (some of which are shown below) as well as NLXL’s Scrapwood and Concrete wallpapers.  You can also read about NLXL’s eco-friendly manufacturing process on The Wallpaper Collective’s website.

NLXL The Wallpaper Collective NLXL The Wallpaper Collective Green

Photo Credit for the 4 Photos Above: The Wallpaper Collective

To purchase these wallpapers, visit:

Anthropologie, $348 for a 52 square foot roll


The Wallpaper Collective, $310 for a 52 square foot roll



One thought on “Tin Ceiling Tile and Wallpaper, a Match Made in Heaven

  1. Can’t believe that this is wallpaper – I thought it’s the tiles! I like this aged look. I think for decorating the whole room this wallpaper is too bold but it will look great on a feature wall.

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