Monday Mood Board: Traditional Living Room

This E-Design Mood Board was created for a client who wanted to highlight her traditional taste without compromising the practical needs of an active young family, all in a classic Victorian home.  Toddlers (yes, the tiny people, not some architectural detail you’ve never heard of), high ceilings, dropped molding, and a wide, open flow from one room to the next were just a few of the details taken into consideration when developing a concept for this space.

Completed for Tastemaker, Inc. by Heather Zerah
Completed for Tastemaker, Inc. by Heather Zerah

As mentioned in my recent post, The Importance of Mood Boards in E-Design, a Mood Board is a collage of images that represent the interior designer’s vision for a particular space.  Mood boards often combine photos of rooms from design magazines and blogs, abstract images, and photos of furniture or decor that may eventually be used in the design.  The designer’s vision is based upon the client’s initial description of their style, needs, and goals for their room.  By gathering images together in a mood board, a designer can paint a clear picture to convey style, mood, color scheme, and more.  I like to add text to my mood boards to ensure that the client can easily understand the reason I chose each photo.

To find out more about E-Interiors by Heather Zerah, visit my website:,_offering_convenient_and_affordable_e-design_to_clients_nationwide.html

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