Festive Thanksgiving Table Decor

When it comes to holiday preparations, I tend to underestimate the time it takes to get things done.  I wake up on Thanksgiving morning full of holiday cheer and ease into my day with a hot cup of coffee and a bit of parade-viewing on TV.  Inevitably, Thanksgiving dinner, although delicious, is ready about 3 hours late. (Confession: The first time I ever cooked Thanksgiving dinner it took me FOUR HOURS to prepare my apple pie!  That didn’t even include cooking time.  If apple slicing was a necessary life skill, I’d be in trouble.)  So, with Thanksgiving just three weeks away, I decided to start preparations “early” this year.  Festive table decor, an essential element of the Thanksgiving feast, is one of the easiest things to plan in advance.  If you have a separate dining room, you can even set your table a few days ahead of time to avoid last minute stress.  With that in mind, I’ve gathered some Thanksgiving table inspiration:

In my dream world, my fall-inspired Thanksgiving table would look something like this: aglow with candle light, flowers the color of fallen leaves, pops of teal and green, and furniture with rustic charm.

teal and rust table decor

In reality, I need something far more simple and achievable, but with ambiance worthy of one of my favorite holidays.  Here are a few possibilities:

mini pumpkin votive candle holders

I absolutely love this idea, and it is definitely a DIY project I can handle.  Although I’m not a major do-it-yourselfer, I can totally envision my 2-year-old daughter and I selecting an assortment of mini pumpkins for this colorful arrangement.  Hollow them out, drop in a votive candle, and voila… a colorful, easy, affordable, and completely pilgrim-appropriate tabletop scheme.

mini pumpkins stuffed with flowers

Like the previous idea, this one also involves hollowing out a few mini pumpkins.  Stuffing each pumpkin with marigolds is a bit more polished and sophisticated than the candle idea, but still quite simple.  Even if you don’t have twig-placemats and blue ceramic plates, marigold-stuffed-pumpkins are sure to complement a variety of settings.  Depending on where you live, the branches and red berries can likely be found in your own backyard or a nearby park.  I imagine that a bit of water in the base of the pumpkins helps keep the flowers looking fresh, particularly if your feast tends to run behind schedule like mine does.

white pumpkins mums and white pumpkins

The contrast of these white pumpkins against the oranges and reds of the tablecloth and flowers (mums, if you are wondering) is quite lovely. Painting pumpkins white is another DIY project that I could turn into some quality craft-time with my toddler.

pumpkin and vine table decor

This tablescape looks fancy, but it is really quite simple.  You can probably find an equally diverse assortment of pumpkins and squash at your local grocery store or farmers market.  The center of the miniature cream-colored pumpkins have been hollowed out to hold elegant tapered candles.  (For step-by-step instructions on how to do this, click the Jenny Steffens link below in the Photo Credits.)  The brown berries placed on each white napkin are a nice touch.

gourd flower vase

Last but not least, this goard-turned-vase is charming and creative.  To achieve this look, simply slice off the stem and widen the opening with a knife.

So, do you have a favorite?  My daughter will be decorating kraft-paper placemats for our table,  so I think the mini pumpkin candle holders will be the best choice to complete our Thanksgiving tablescape.

Image Souce: Style Me Pretty, Revel Blog, Pinterest, Your Cozy Home, Pinterest, Jenny Steffens, Better Homes & Gardens.

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