Design Trends: White Tile with Dark Grout

As the saying goes, what’s old is new again.  White tile with dark grout is a simple, classic look that has been around for decades, but it’s popularity has been making a steady comeback in recent years.  The combination of white tile and dark grout has both aesthetic and practical appeal.  White subway tile is timelessly stylish, easy to find, and available in a range of prices from cheap to expensive (factory made versus handmade).  Likewise, black grout is readily available and inexpensive, but more importantly, the unexpected color contrast adds instant oomph to an otherwise basic tile layout. And the added bonus? Dark grout hides unsightly stains and discoloration that appear over time in even the cleanest bathrooms and kitchens.  The key to this look is getting the right shade of dark grout.  A too-light shade of gray falls short of intentional contrast, while stark black grout shocks the senses and draws too much attention away from the tiles themselves.  The ideal shade is a deep charcoal, which has a natural subtlety and softness despite being a dark color.

white tile dark grout brass hood

White tile and dark grout blend seamlessly into kitchens and bathrooms with classic black and white color schemes.  The look is enhanced even more by the added contrast of dark floors, dark window trim, and black appliances.  I love the way the black claw foot tub, shown below, pops in the white-and-wood bathroom!  To keep the look fresh and current incorporate open shelving against the tile backdrop.  Brass hardware with traditional detailing adds a dash of glamour and shine.

white tile dark grout wood and trim

white tile dark grout black and white cabinets

white tile dark grout traditional kitchen

white tile dark grout black bathtub

white tile dark grout bathroom

Whether your taste runs modern, rustic, industrial, bohemian, or retro, white tile with dark grout can work for you.  Subway tile is the standard choice, but white tile can be found in a wide variety of shapes and sizes for a more unique design.  The one rule that applies to all design styles: carry the tile all the way up to the ceiling.  You won’t see any wimpy partial backslashes in the photos here!

white tile dark grout bohemian kitchen

white tile dark grout modern bath

white tile dark grout modern rustic

The best thing about white tile with dark grout?  Well, the low-maintenance cleaning schedule is pretty great, but more importantly, black and white is a classic color combination that is sure to maintain it’s beauty and style even after the “trend” has passed.

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Photo Credits: Domino, Domino, Chatelaine, Little Green Notebook, Domino, Chic Design, Steven Gambrel, The Design Files, Paper Blog

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