Color Craze: Radiant Orchid

If you follow the world of design, you most likely heard Pantone’s big announcement in December: Radiant Orchid (Pantone color 18-3224) is the official color of 2014.  Pantone’s 2013 color, Emerald Green, symbolic of growth, renewal and prosperity, has retired to make way for an enchanting blend of fuchsia and purple with pink undertones.  The complex color, described as beguiling, captivating, and magical, was chosen for it’s ability to inspire creativity and innovation.  A historically significant color, purple is familiar to the eye, yet atypical and unexpected in interior design.  Purple is a color that inspires either love or hate, and thus tends to be used sparingly and with great intentionality.  I’ll admit, I was not all that excited about Radiant Orchid when I first heard the news.  However, just as Pantone predicted, it has grown on me.  When used correctly, it can add originality, beauty and vitality to a space.

Pantone Radiant Orchid

The simplest way to add a new color to your home is by painting the walls.  If you choose to go this route, Radiant Orchid is an appropriate choice for the soft, feminine aesthetic of the bedroom.  For a clean, classic look, pair it with white and other neutrals.  If you take a more daring approach to color trends, make Radiant Orchid a focal point by using it in a high traffic area of your home, as exemplified in the stunning stairway image below.

lavender wall paint bedroom

radiant orchid stairway

Given the unique nature of this pinkish-purple hue, I prefer designs that take a more creative approach than basic wall paint.  I love the way Radiant Orchid adds energy and interest to a room when used as a bold accent color, in artwork, or in a striking and unusual pattern.

bedroom purple striped ceiling

john robshaw purple wallpaper

lavender dining chairs

lavender pink artwork

purple floral headboard

Of course, it’s not realistic to overhaul the color scheme of your home every year, no matter how alluring Pantone’s latest selection may be.  If you’ve been dreaming of incorporating lavender into your home but you just haven’t had the courage or inspiration, then now is the time to go for it.  But if you simply want to dabble with Radiant Orchid during it’s moment of glory, I suggest you buy an actual orchid and enjoy it while it lasts.

orchid in gold and white bedroom

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Photo Credits: Pantone, Irideeen, Philipp Klinger, Project Nursery, John Robshaw, Traditional Home, Simple Details, William McIntosh Design, Adventures of an Almost 40 Year Old Intern

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