I Heart… The Land of Nod

I love The Land of Nod. Color, whimsy, modernity, playfulness, organization… they get an A+ in every category. But if you are thinking “cute, yes, but I’m not a 7 year old girl,” think again. Children’s brands can be a fantastic source of grown-up style at a reduced price-point. In fact, I recently featured a Land of Nod rug in my Splurge vs. Steal: Multicolor Swirl Rug post. So, it was with great anticipation that I awaited the launch of Nod’s new collection by blogger and designer Joy Cho. As I scrolled through their website, I just couldn’t resist pulling out some of my favorite pieces to share with you.

heathers picks land of nod


1. The Chromatic Bamboo Wall Clock is just plain fun. I see no reason why kids should be the only ones who get to decorate with this much color.

2. The Circulation Chest actually has drawers in a variety of sizes, from single cubby, to flat row, to deep square – perfect for organizing all the different piles of stuff that accumulate in our homes.

3. Full disclosure: I actually have the Hangin’ Around Lamp hanging over my own dining room table. You would never know that it is a kid’s lamp. The style is clean and simple with nice proportions and quality detailing (like the clear cord) to rival any of the more expensive versions out there.

4. The Precious Metal Nightstand: they call it a nightstand, I call it a side table. The glossy enamel top over a trim metal base is a classic style, similar to the tables featured in my Splurge vs Steal: Red Enamel Side Table post. The Land of Nod currently offers the “nightstand” in white, navy, mint, and pink.  Is the navy my favorite, or am I feeling the mint trend?  They are all so cute, I just can’t decide!

5. Featuring a walnut exterior with a glossy white enamel interior, the Prairie School Desk is a versatile, functional piece that exemplifies clean mid-century modern style.

6. I have a bit of an obsession with bright yellow, and I’ve been coveting the Crystal Ball Table Lamp for some time now. Wouldn’t it look fantastic sitting on top of the Prairie School Desk?

While I was busy perusing the website, my daughter decided that Quiet Time was over, and she wandered down the stairs to see what I was doing. She was instantly enchanted (no exaggeration) by what she saw on my computer screen. Lola is decisive, opinionated, and seems to have inherited a love of decorating from her mama. As she pointed out her favorite pieces in various categories, it was clear that The Land of Nod knows their target audience: kids. It seems only appropriate that Lola should have an equal voice in this post. Here are HER favorite Land of Nod picks:

lolas picks land of nod

1. Yep, that’s the same Chromatic Bamboo Wall Clock that I chose for my own board. Considering she is just shy of 3 years old and can’t tell time yet, I had no idea that she even cared about clocks. I was surprised by her enthusiasm for the clocks category.  Sure enough, the clock selection did not disappoint. She was quite taken with this colorful treasure.

2. The Pinwheel Rug is part of Joy Cho’s new collection. Although there were a number of rugs that caught Lola’s eye, this one was her stand-out favorite.

3. La Pina – This artistic print of a pineapple really struck a chord with my daughter. She likes fruit and she likes art. It’s the best of both worlds! I asked her where we should display it. She thoughtfully looked around the family room and found just the right spot on the wall behind our arched floor lamp.  Like I said, decorating is in her genes.

4. Oh, the pillows… I could have dedicated an entire post just to Lola’s pillow picks. The Ice Cream Pillow easily took first place, but the adorable Elephants in the Room throw pillow wasn’t far behind. Alphabet pillows are obviously very exciting for a 2 year old, and the Ruched Throw Pillows are just plain pretty. The list could go on, but I won’t subject you to it.

5. Pink Balloon Bedding: they might as well have crawled into her dreams and pulled this image out.  She LOVES balloons and she LOVES pink and she absolutely loves this bed. It’s not just about the balloons, though. According to Lola, the blue stripes really complete the look. I think the sheets are actually black, but Lola interpreted them as navy blue, and I have to admit, I like her color scheme better.

There you have it.  Whether you are almost 3 or in your thirties, The Land of Nod is full of treasures and treats. I hope you enjoyed this virtual tour of one of my favorite online stores.


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