I Heart… Warby Parker + Architecture for Humanity

It’s no secret that the worlds of fashion and interior design are intertwined. On a personal level, fashion and interiors effect our sense of comfort, style, self expression, and overall identity. On an industry level, they both push the envelope, constantly trying to create something new and different without losing sight of that which is classic and timeless. So while I don’t usually focus on fashion on my blog, I couldn’t resist sharing news of an exciting collaboration between two charitable design organizations: Warby Parker and Architecture for Humanity


Architecture for Humanity is celebrating 15 years of worldwide community service. From rebuilding Mississippi after the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, to designing and building innovative schools in underprivileged communities across Central and South America, Architecture for Humanity has a long history of bringing sustainable design, architecture, and construction services to vulnerable people at a local, community level. Eyewear brand Warby Parker not only strives to bring beautifully crafted, high quality eyeglasses and sunglasses to the public at an affordable price, but for every pair of glasses they sell, they distribute a pair to someone in need. So how do these two charitable organizations come together? Warby Parker has designed a fabulous new eyewear collection inspired by architecture. The two frames, Aslin and Fowler, feature streamlined angles and durable materials. In addition to giving away one pair for every pair sold, they will also contribute a portion of each purchase to Architecture for Humanity.


I have been wearing glasses for 25 years. At age 11 I looked like a Sally Jesse Raphael groupie in my round red plastic frames. And my current pair is… another red plastic frame. I like to think that the rectangular glasses I’m sporting are a bit more stylish than my 1989 originals, but perhaps it’s time for me to try something new. I love, love, love Warby Parker’s Aslin frame in the “Oak Barrel” finish! The tortoise rim is timeless and versatile, but the deep blue contrast detailing adds just enough edge to keep things interesting. Obviously someone who wears red glasses couldn’t go completely neutral!


Added bonus: If you have asymmetrical ears (which I do), then you know that plastic rims with metal arms (is that what the side of glasses are called?) are much more flexible than all-plastic frames, resulting in a more level fit for your face.


If the pop of color isn’t for you, or if you are on the prowl for super-stylish new sunglasses in time for spring, the other two options in the Architecture for Humanity collection are equally nice. The Aslin frame in English Oak (above) is the neutral version of my personal pick. The Fowler sunglasses in Jet Silver (below) give the on-trend aviator style a new twist with tortoise and chrome.


After purchasing a new pair of Aslin frames in Oak Barrel, I will sleep easy at night knowing that A) I look really awesome and stylish, and B) I helped make the world a better place. With that in mind, it’s hard to think of a reason NOT to buy a new pair of glasses! Visit the Warby Parker website to get a pair for yourself. Their website is full of interesting information, so be sure to read about how their eyeglasses and sunglasses are designed and crafted, as well as how this innovative eyewear company came to be.


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