Home Style: Open and Closed Kitchen Storage

A dose of interior design inspiration:


Despite the growth of the trend, I have continuously balked at the idea of open storage in the kitchen. I can’t deny that open storage looks fresh and modern in photographs, but I also can’t get past the impracticalities. Even if your dishes look lovely on display, open shelving seems like a magnet for dust, grease and grime. I want my dishes tucked away in a clean, hassle-free cabinet. At least, that is how I felt until I saw this photograph. This kitchen, by Dodson Interiors, combines the best of both worlds. It has extensive closed storage to hide food, pots and pans, and numerous gadgets acquired over time. However, the open shelving flanking the window makes the room appear airier and brighter than tight cabinets would, and allows the homeowner to display just a small selection of everyday dishes. The casual nature of the arrangement also makes this polished kitchen feel more homey. Consider me an open storage convert. As the saying goes, everything in moderation!

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Photo Credit:  Dering Hall


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