Home Style: Fancy Casual

A dose of interior design inspiration:

the citizenry

Is Fancy Casual a real design term? If not, it should be. The term Bohemian feels vague and overused, whereas Fancy Casual describes exactly what you see here: a baby pink velvet sofa that looks as if it belonged in Great Aunt Ethel’s parlor in decades gone by, a sharp coffee table with mid-century lines, a hand-woven Peruvian rug, and a simple modern plant pot. If this image proves anything, it’s that you CAN mix styles without sacrificing authenticity and elegance. I stumbled upon this photo on Pinterest and discovered that it is actually a sales image from a website called The Citizenry. As it turns out, The Citizenry is a pretty interesting company. They seek out skilled artisans around the world and then help those artisans establish sustainable, fair-trade business practices. They sell direct to the public so as to eliminate heavy markups. With free shipping and free returns, you might want to check them out. You’ve got nothing to lose, but potentially some global goodwill to give. Visit The Citizenry to see more.

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Photo Credit:  The Citizenry Estrellas Rug

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