Mood Board: Colorful Boy’s Bedroom

I’ve been working on the design for a 5 year old boy’s bedroom. Certain aspects of kids rooms are easy (lots of color, yeah!), but they present the unique challenge of capturing someone’s personality at a young age while still allowing plenty of room for that child to grow and evolve. As a general rule, I try not to go too themey. Then again, if a kid really loves a particular subject, it seems like a shame not to embrace that joyful enthusiasm and curiosity. And anyway, most kids believe that rules are made to be broken! So, in summary, there are no rules when it comes to kids rooms except this: Kids are fun. Their rooms should be fun, too.

colorful boys room mood board

This particular little boy loves red, green, and black. However, black feels too heavy for this little dude, so I toned down his favorite shade to charcoal gray. Then I loaded on lots of bright color, geometry, and comfort for a space that exudes modern, youthful energy. Perhaps most importantly, I incorporated flexible storage into the design. As a mom, I have learned the hard way that kids have so much STUFF! And with every birthday, every Christmas, (every trip to Target) their collections of stuff keep changing and GROWING. I guarantee that when the ABC lamp and playful throw pillow are long gone, that Ikea shelf will still be around.

Photo Sources: 1. Spiderman Mural Bedroom,  2. White Bookshelf, Ikea Kallax  3. Brown Book Ledges, The Land of Nod Straight & Narrow Book Ledge 4. Rainbow Book Ledges, The Land of Nod Color Bar Ledge 5. Charcoal Gray Bedroom, House Tweaking 6. Chalkboard Stripe Boys Room, Isabella and Max Rooms by Janell Beals 7. Licorice Rope Rainbow Pendant, The Land of Nod 8. Alphabet Complete Lamp, PB Kids 9. Delerus Multi Rug, Overstock 10. Princess and the Pea Throw Pillow, The Land of Nod 11. Red Rugby Stripe Duvet Cover, PB Kids

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