Home Style: The Blanket Dilemma

A dose of interior design inspiration:

Barrie Benson

The blue floral sofa in this NYC living room makes a strong statement. You either love it or you hate it. But the sofa is not the focus of this post. The design element that catches my eye is the Plexi-craft coffee table containing a variety of quilts. As a lover of all things warm and snuggly, I have at least one blanket tossed across my sofa at any given moment. From the heavy floral throw lovingly knit by my great aunt, to a trendy fur blanket from Restoration Hardware, to my daughter’s favorite fleece, I am conflicted between wanting a pile of blankets within arms reach at all times and wanting to maintain a tidy (blanket-free) living room. By tucking them casually into this table, designer Barrie Benson puts the artistry of these quilts on display, makes grabbing a blanket quick and easy, and manages to keep everything neatly tucked away in its place. Brilliant. Now if only I had a Plexi-craft table of my own…

Photo Credit:  1st Dibs

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