Home Style: Bold Banquette

A dose of interior design inspiration:

amanda nisbet banquette

I have a bit of an obsession with banquettes. Whether traditional or modern, colorful or neutral, they just seem like the perfect place to drink my morning coffee, sort through the mail, or play a board game with my family. Who knew that built-in furniture could be so versatile? Among the many I’ve seen, this tufted chartreuse banquette by Amanda Nisbet stands out for several reasons: 1) the atypical jolt of color (chartreuse!) 2) recessed bookshelves that provide stylish storage and even MORE color 3) flexible chair space opposite the banquette bench, and last but not least… 4) David Parise’s playful Barbie and Ken photograph on the wall. To be honest, it took me a while to even notice the artwork, but it’s those subtle details that take a space from good to great. You just KNOW that happiness happens at this table.

Photo Credit:  Design by Amanda Nisbet, Barbie and Ken photograph by David Parise


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