Home Style: Trove Wallpaper

A dose of interior design inspiration:

Reath Design Trove Wallpaper

While reading a 1st Dibs bio on Frances Merrill of Reath Design, I noticed this image of a home office/mom’s retreat in Los Angeles. The office is calm, lovely, and relaxing (very important features for a busy mom) but what caught my eye was the wallpaper. I immediately recognized it as the work of Trove. I have had a huge crush on Trove wallpaper for years and have wasted a fair amount of time browsing their website with adoring eyes. I desperately want to incorporate it into a project – or, better yet – my own home. The pattern shown above is called Askella and it comes in 6 color ways. Just look at the detail in the closeups below!

Trove Askella Trove Wallpaper Askella

My personal favorite among the many amazing Trove designs is the Sargasso pattern. Although it is offered in 5 color ways, I prefer that which most closely resembles a walk along the beach on an overcast day. I envision it as an accent wall in a bedroom, but rather than place it behind the headboard, I would put it across from the bed so that I could gaze at it’s beauty as I lay reading or watching TV.

Trove Sargasso Trove Wallpaper Sargasso

In addition to the wallpaper collection, Trove also creates printed wood veneer wall covering, printed window films, contract and custom designs. Visit Trove yourself to browse the entire range.

Top Photo Credit:  Reath Design via 1st Dibs Introspective

Wallpaper Photo Credits: Trove

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