Home Style: Color and Pattern, Oh My!

A dose of interior design inspiration:


I realize that it is only February 3rd and that most of the country is freezing, but here in sunny California spring arrives early. REALLY EARLY. I’m sure my daughter Lola would tell you that Shoe Season (aka, the terrible part of the year when I force her to wear shoes at the playground) is officially over. For those of you who are still scraping ice and shoveling snow, forgive me while I indulge in a little spring fever. I came across this gorgeous image yesterday and it makes me want to go out and buy the brightest floral throw pillows I can find. I love color and pattern, and this combination of vibrant butterfly drapery and textured turquoise wall covering gets the combo just right. The fabric is a new line from Harlequin called Amazilla. It premiered at the Paris Deco Off show in January. Rumor has it that brightly hued flora and fauna will be BIG in coming months.

Photo Credit:  Interior Design

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