Home Style: A Glass Door (for the bathroom)

A dose of interior design inspiration:

ostermalm bathroom

The visual side of my brain loves this. A glass door on the bathroom… It’s edgy! It’s cool! It’s original! The thick black frame and chunky steel hardware strike a chic contrast to the marble veining and curvy white fixtures. But style aside, the practical side of my brain still asks WHY. Why put a glass door on a bathroom? Bathrooms are a private space, but this offers no visual privacy. The room is in a personal home, so there is probably little noise to block out. I would suggest that it’s to allow the shower to steam up properly, but in the background I see that the shower has a glass door of it’s own. In conclusion, I can only assume that no matter how edgy and cool you are, sometimes you still just want to close the bathroom door. And practical or not, this door looks fantastic.

Photo Credit:  Jordens Arkitekter

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