Heather ZerahHeather Zerah developed a passion for architecture and interior design early in life. As a child, she spent hours sketching floor plans of dream homes on graph paper. Upon graduating from the University of Oregon with a degree in English and Fine Arts, Heather’s adventurous spirit led her to New York City where she began working in the couture fashion industry. Her position on the business end of a designer sportswear company left her craving a creative outlet, and she found herself drawn once again to the colorful inspiration boards, rich textiles, and general hustle and bustle of the company’s design and production wing.

With a renewed focus on her longstanding passion for interior design, Heather left the world of fashion to acquire her Masters Degree in Interior Design from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Her program at Pratt included time spent studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark and throughout greater Scandinavia. Following graduation, she gained invaluable experience at two successful high-end residential design firms in Manhattan. Projects included numerous apartments, penthouses, and townhouses in New York, as well as private homes in The Hamptons, New Jersey, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Florida. Clients ranged from individuals taking modest apartments to their highest potential, to celebrities and CEO’s building their dream vacation homes and retreats.

After 11 years in New York, Heather returned to the San Francisco Bay Area to be closer to family. She has found that her friendly West Coast demeanor, combined with years of urban resourcefulness, serve her well as head of her own eponymous design firm based in Lafayette, California.


Heather Zerah understands that homes are as complex and layered as their residents. She sees relevance in all styles and believes that no item – whether a fine antique chandelier or an inexpensive Ikea table – is too “high” or “low” to blend into the right environment. With careful consideration of site, architecture, and lifestyle, Heather designs spaces that serve her clients’ everyday needs while alluding to their innate style. Heather understands the unique challenges of designing for active families and specializes in combining modern elegance with functionality and durability. Whether working on one room or an entire house, Heather believes that efficiency, communication, and attention to budget are paramount to a successful collaboration.

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        And regarding images as answers: thank you. I gave myself a small pet on the back for thinking of it 🙂

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