Home Style: Colored Grout

A dose of interior design inspiration:

colored grout

Orange grout with white arabesque tile! As a designer, I’ve seen a lot decorating ideas, but every once in a while I stumble upon something totally fresh and new. I’m familiar with the wide range of grout colors out there, but I have never seen colored grout used to create such bold, bright contrast. If you are seeking an inexpensive way to put your personal stamp on your home, this is a fun, creative way to do it.

Photo Credit:  HGTV

Home Style: Country for the Modern World

A dose of interior design inspiration:

country bedroom

This bedroom is country done right. It has the perfect mix of nostalgia, whimsy, and simplicity, with a dash of modernity thrown in to keep things current. Although the furnishings are sparse and the colors neutral, the floral texture of the bedspread and the gauziness of the draped canopy infuse the room with softness and comfort. Bright sunlight and chunky modern lamps keep the mood light (no pun intended!) so that it doesn’t look like something from a period-home tour. It hints at old-world romance while leaving fuss and clutter behind.

Source: Lonny

Home Style: A Dressed-Up Dresser

A dose of interior design inspiration: nightstand_details

Perhaps you’ve heard this bit of wisdom before, but it is worth repeating: Swapping out standard cabinet knobs for something of your own choosing can have major impact. It is a small, subtle detail, but it makes a huge difference in the overall feel of the room. Personalized knobs make your space appear unique and purposeful. They add a touch of fun, color, sophistication  – whatever you want! The agate knobs on the dresser-turned-nightstand above are a perfect example. And this rule applies to many things, from door knobs, to kitchen cabinet pulls, to dressers and nightstands. I once swapped out the builder’s-special wooden doorknob on my Manhattan rental apartment closet for a charming green porcelain knob from Anthropologie and it took the room from generic to charmingly romantic. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that a knob swap is the easiest home improvement project you will ever complete. So the next time you are looking for a quick fix, check out the knob selection at Anthropologie, World Market, or even your nearest Home Depot to see how you might be able to add a bit of personality to your space.

Photo Credit:  The Handmade Home

Home Style: A Vibrant, Plant-Filled Patio

A dose of interior design inspiration: colorful patio table

Yes, this is an exterior photo. But in many homes (like mine) the view through your window serves as a backdrop for your room. An exterior view can be just as important as a piece of artwork or a colorful textile. A nice view invigorates your space and your mind. And even the smallest patio can be dressed up to be as cheerful as the image above. A colorful patio table, a few interesting pots, and some succulents make for a gorgeous, budget-friendly tableau. Don’t have a wall of ivy growing outside your window? Don’t worry. Even the smallest bit of color and greenery is sure to enhance your view.

Photo Credit:  Apartment Therapy

Home Style: Floor to Ceiling Tile

A dose of interior design inspiration:

hexagon tile bathroom

Something about this pale peach hexagonal tile feels both retro and modern. The claw foot tub, brass fixtures, and small-scale tile are quite traditional, but the combination feels completely contemporary if only because it embraces bold, personalized design. The way the tile curves in and out of nooks, up the walls and across the ceiling is a contradiction of simplicity and opulence. And because I love it so much, I’m giving you two for one. Scroll down to see the similar application of green penny tile, traditional fixtures, and dark grout in the same house in Hawaii.

green penny tile dark grout

FYI… This is a vacation rental! Follow the link to learn more.

Photo Credit:  Domaine Home

Home Style: A Glass Door (for the bathroom)

A dose of interior design inspiration:

ostermalm bathroom

The visual side of my brain loves this. A glass door on the bathroom… It’s edgy! It’s cool! It’s original! The thick black frame and chunky steel hardware strike a chic contrast to the marble veining and curvy white fixtures. But style aside, the practical side of my brain still asks WHY. Why put a glass door on a bathroom? Bathrooms are a private space, but this offers no visual privacy. The room is in a personal home, so there is probably little noise to block out. I would suggest that it’s to allow the shower to steam up properly, but in the background I see that the shower has a glass door of it’s own. In conclusion, I can only assume that no matter how edgy and cool you are, sometimes you still just want to close the bathroom door. And practical or not, this door looks fantastic.

Photo Credit:  Jordens Arkitekter

Home Style: Color and Pattern, Oh My!

A dose of interior design inspiration:


I realize that it is only February 3rd and that most of the country is freezing, but here in sunny California spring arrives early. REALLY EARLY. I’m sure my daughter Lola would tell you that Shoe Season (aka, the terrible part of the year when I force her to wear shoes at the playground) is officially over. For those of you who are still scraping ice and shoveling snow, forgive me while I indulge in a little spring fever. I came across this gorgeous image yesterday and it makes me want to go out and buy the brightest floral throw pillows I can find. I love color and pattern, and this combination of vibrant butterfly drapery and textured turquoise wall covering gets the combo just right. The fabric is a new line from Harlequin called Amazilla. It premiered at the Paris Deco Off show in January. Rumor has it that brightly hued flora and fauna will be BIG in coming months.

Photo Credit:  Interior Design

Home Style: Trove Wallpaper

A dose of interior design inspiration:

Reath Design Trove Wallpaper

While reading a 1st Dibs bio on Frances Merrill of Reath Design, I noticed this image of a home office/mom’s retreat in Los Angeles. The office is calm, lovely, and relaxing (very important features for a busy mom) but what caught my eye was the wallpaper. I immediately recognized it as the work of Trove. I have had a huge crush on Trove wallpaper for years and have wasted a fair amount of time browsing their website with adoring eyes. I desperately want to incorporate it into a project – or, better yet – my own home. The pattern shown above is called Askella and it comes in 6 color ways. Just look at the detail in the closeups below!

Trove Askella Trove Wallpaper Askella

My personal favorite among the many amazing Trove designs is the Sargasso pattern. Although it is offered in 5 color ways, I prefer that which most closely resembles a walk along the beach on an overcast day. I envision it as an accent wall in a bedroom, but rather than place it behind the headboard, I would put it across from the bed so that I could gaze at it’s beauty as I lay reading or watching TV.

Trove Sargasso Trove Wallpaper Sargasso

In addition to the wallpaper collection, Trove also creates printed wood veneer wall covering, printed window films, contract and custom designs. Visit Trove yourself to browse the entire range.

Top Photo Credit:  Reath Design via 1st Dibs Introspective

Wallpaper Photo Credits: Trove

Home Style: Glowing Gold Ceiling

A dose of interior design inspiration:


As I’ve said before, design is in the details. More specifically, great design is in the unexpected details. I love the way this apartment entry showcases an eclectic mix of styles (the modern art! the exotic rug! the shapely chairs! the round mirror!) and balances saturated color with bright white architecture. If this room could speak it would say “Come on in! Don’t be intimidated by my style. You won’t find pretense or fuss around here…” But the detail that (literally) sparkles is the gold ceiling. The metallic finish shimmers and glows without seeming ostentatious or glitzy. It also draws attention to the playful ceiling lamp. Now imagine this room with a plain white ceiling. It just doesn’t compare, does it?

Photo Credit:  Lilly Bunn