Home Style: Glowing Gold Ceiling

A dose of interior design inspiration:


As I’ve said before, design is in the details. More specifically, great design is in the unexpected details. I love the way this apartment entry showcases an eclectic mix of styles (the modern art! the exotic rug! the shapely chairs! the round mirror!) and balances saturated color with bright white architecture. If this room could speak it would say “Come on in! Don’t be intimidated by my style. You won’t find pretense or fuss around here…” But the detail that (literally) sparkles is the gold ceiling. The metallic finish shimmers and glows without seeming ostentatious or glitzy. It also draws attention to the playful ceiling lamp. Now imagine this room with a plain white ceiling. It just doesn’t compare, does it?

Photo Credit:  Lilly Bunn

Home Style: Beautiful Bathroom from Floor to Ceiling

A dose of interior design inspiration:

bathroom mural

Design is in the details!  This bathroom wall mural is gorgeous on it’s own, but the bird detail on the blue ceiling takes the design from beautiful to extraordinary and demonstrates that even a small room can have big impact.

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Photo Credit:  Dering Hall