Home Style: Trove Wallpaper

A dose of interior design inspiration:

Reath Design Trove Wallpaper

While reading a 1st Dibs bio on Frances Merrill of Reath Design, I noticed this image of a home office/mom’s retreat in Los Angeles. The office is calm, lovely, and relaxing (very important features for a busy mom) but what caught my eye was the wallpaper. I immediately recognized it as the work of Trove. I have had a huge crush on Trove wallpaper for years and have wasted a fair amount of time browsing their website with adoring eyes. I desperately want to incorporate it into a project – or, better yet – my own home. The pattern shown above is called Askella and it comes in 6 color ways. Just look at the detail in the closeups below!

Trove Askella Trove Wallpaper Askella

My personal favorite among the many amazing Trove designs is the Sargasso pattern. Although it is offered in 5 color ways, I prefer that which most closely resembles a walk along the beach on an overcast day. I envision it as an accent wall in a bedroom, but rather than place it behind the headboard, I would put it across from the bed so that I could gaze at it’s beauty as I lay reading or watching TV.

Trove Sargasso Trove Wallpaper Sargasso

In addition to the wallpaper collection, Trove also creates printed wood veneer wall covering, printed window films, contract and custom designs. Visit Trove yourself to browse the entire range.

Top Photo Credit:  Reath Design via 1st Dibs Introspective

Wallpaper Photo Credits: Trove

Home Style: Floral Wallpaper

A dose of interior design inspiration:

floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper is back in a big way, and this image demonstrates just how much impact wallpaper can have on a room. The gorgeous floral mural brings the walls to life with color and personality. Simple furniture and lighting fade away, allowing the pattern to take center stage.

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Photo Credit:  Tilton Fenwick

Before & After: Powder Room Makeover

The powder room, a.k.a. the half bath, is a great place to experiment with style. Due to the small size and limited assortment of fixtures (typically just a toilet and sink), powder room renovations can be opportunities to splurge on fun features that might be too costly in a larger space. And believe me, a few small splurges can go a long way. The powder room renovation shown here is a perfect example of how minor changes can have major impact. Witness the before pictures:

HZ Bathroom Before Picture


This bathroom had not been renovated for more than 25 years. Bright and cheerful, the room suffered very little wear and tear over the last quarter-decade and had never demanded repair. Nonetheless, the homeowners were ready for change. Down came the pastel floral wallpaper, and up went grasscloth, saturated paint, and warm metallics. The flooring, toilet, pedestal sink, toilet paper holder, and shelf stayed. We replaced the wall covering, mirror, lighting, artwork and accessories. Our goal was to give the space a hint of drama to keep things interesting, while still maintaining a cohesive color flow with the adjoining laundry room and family room.




With so little wall to cover, we were able to splurge on gorgeous grasscloth without blowing the budget.



We saw no need to replace the old hardware. Haven’t you heard? Brass is back! We enhanced the existing brass elements by adding a mirror and light fixture with complimentary warm patinas. We didn’t worry about matching the exact finish of the metals, but we kept them within the same color family.





The biggest challenge we encountered during the installation involved the light fixture. We originally had a funky double sconce with milk glass shades and Edison bulbs. The oiled bronze metal finish was lovely and the proportion of the fixture was perfect. Unfortunately, the milk glass shade was too opaque, creating a sharp line of shadow around the entire perimeter of the room. The lower 6 feet of wall glowed beautifully, but the top 2 feet and ceiling were completely dark. Other glass shades had a similar effect, either due to the shade itself or the metal hardware. We needed diffuse light on all sides of the fixture. Enter the Graydon Double Bath Light from Thomas O’Brien. Not only did it minimize the shadows, but it is a more timeless and versatile fixture than the trendy Edison bulb sconce. Stylistically our problem was solved, but one more dilemma remained. The glass of the new fixture was still more opaque than expected, and it didn’t emit enough light to offset the dark paint and grasscloth. We swapped out the original bulbs for warm LED’s, which produced a more powerful glow without exceeding the fixtures wattage limits.



So what do you think?  Did we achieve major impact by changing just a handful of elements?



The grasscloth wallpaper was purchased through The Treasure Trove in Lafayette, California. The paint color is by Benjamin Moore. The mirror is the Compass Mirror from Wisteria. The light fixture is the Graydon Double Bath Light in Hand Rubbed Antique Brass, purchased through Neena’s Lighting. The hand towels, floor mat, and baskets came from Homegoods. The artwork is from my client’s personal collection.


Photo Credits: All photography is by Frederic Zerah

Get The Look: Ombre Wood Paneling

Ever since spotting this photo on Pinterest last Fall, I have been daydreaming about this room with it’s charming wood paneled walls painted in pink ombre.  It’s the kind of space where I can imagine myself doing utterly relaxing, feminine things, like painting my nails whilst sipping lemonade and flipping through a magazine.

pink ombre wood paneling

So imagine my surprise when I was reading the latest issue of House Beautiful (February 2014) and discovered that this wall was created using wallpaper produced by a Dutch company called Eijffinger. Not only does the wallpaper method sound easier than adjusting the tint of your pink paint one wood panel at a time, but it also makes the look accessible to those who don’t have wood panel homes.  It would be especially lovely in a sloped attic (imagine a sunny office or a little girl’s playroom up there!) or a sunroom, or even just a cheerfully casual kitchen.  Better yet, this beachy style is available not only in pink, but in yellow, too.

yellow ombre wood paneling

Visit http://www.brewsterhomefashions.com, or follow this direct link to the Degrado Ombre Painted Wood page on their website for more details.  The suggested retail price is $240 per roll, but you can start by ordering an 8″ x 10″ sample for just $1.99.  They also offer tools to help you find a local retailer and to calculate the quantity your space requires.

Degrado Ombre Painted Wood Pink Degrado Ombre Painted Wood Yellow

Get ready to enjoy some beachside charm year round!

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Photo Credits: Pinterest and Brewster Home Fashions

Home Style: Colorful Faux Library

A dose of interior design inspiration:

bookshelf wallpaper

At first glance this room appears to have a very tall wall of books.  However, the smooth outline of sunlight through the window reveals that the wall is in fact flat.  Behold, faux library wallpaper!  The colorful book pattern is a perfect complement to the bold geometric rug, bubble chair, polished wood desk, and shiny red accents.  The overall feel is crisp and modern yet cheerful and energetic.

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Photo Credit:  Dering Hall

Home Style: Cozy Cottage Alcove

A dose of interior design inspiration:

cozy alcove daybed

Now that the holiday chaos is behind me, I’d love to start the new year by relaxing with a good book.  What better place to do it than in this cozy cottage alcove?  This simple room oozes charm and overflows with natural light, bringing to mind the fairytale fantasies of my childhood.  And if you live in one of the many places covered with snow right now, that lush green garden must look pretty enticing.  Now which book would complete the mood  a Bronte sister, perhaps?

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Photo Credit:  Dering Hall

Home Style: 3D Floral Wallpaper

A dose of interior design inspiration:


Simply lovely: silk and plastic flowers taped to the wall for a 3-dimensional wallpaper effect.  While this faux-floral look (and the effort involved – imagine the time it took to tape up each and every stem!) is probably not for everyone, the colorful, unique and creative idea is undeniably inspiring. 

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Photo Credit:  Design Front

Creative Wall Ideas: Peel & Stick Wallpaper

I love patterned walls, but as a renter, I have long been stuck with dull, boring off-white walls in every room of my home.  From New York’s East Village to the Upper East Side, and from Roosevelt Island to Lafayette, California, these plain walls have followed me.  Imagine my excitement when I discovered the growing trend of Peel & Stick Wallpaper.  Perfect for renters or anyone else who wants temporary, easy-to-install AND remove patterned wall decor, peel-and-stick wallpaper is constructed with the same adhesive backing that we usually associate with wall decals for kids rooms.  A quick search online will present a number of manufacturers and styles, ranging from childish to sophisticated, neutral to edgy.

Photo Credit: Blik

My personal favorite among all the patterns I’ve seen, the Fishwall pattern wall tile from Blik is vibrant, colorful, and modern.  Although it might be a bit overwhelming if applied to every wall in the room, it is perfect for an accent wall.  Goodbye boring!  For $45.00 you get two 28″x48″ panels.  The panels actually consist of self-adhesive fabric that is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and free of PVC and phthalates.    Although their “wallpaper” (described as Pattern Wall Tiles on their website) selection is limited, Blik offers some of the most unique designs on the market.

For a look that is a little less edgy but still colorful and contemporary, Tempaper has a wide selection of designs.  The oversize scale and unusual color combinations keep the more traditional patterns feeling fresh.  In addition to a wide range of florals, they also offer geometric, herringbone, and vertical stripe patterns.  Established by a family of set decorators in New York City, Tempaper has been creating temporary adhesive wallpaper since 2008.  Their website includes a short demo video depicting installation, as well as a calculator to help you determine how much paper to order for your particular space.  For those of you who are curious but may still be suffering from pattern commitment phobia, they offer inexpensive samples with free shipping.  Order a few samples and test them out at home to see which design you like best.  Keep in mind that Tempaper recommends you apply their wallpaper to clean, smooth surfaces that have been painted with an eggshell or satin finish.  It can be applied in bathrooms or areas with indirect moisture and steam.  It is water-based and will not be affected by humidity.

Photo Credit: Tempaper
Photo Credit: Tempaper
Photo Credit: Tempaper
Photo Credit: Tempaper
Photo Credit: Tempaper
Photo Credit: Tempaper
Photo Credit: Tempaper
Photo Credit: Tempaper







Wall decal manufacturers have been offering a large selection of children’s wall decals for years, but peel-and-stick wallpaper specifically for nurseries and kid’s rooms is a relatively new invention.  They make it quick and easy for you to cover an entire wall with cute and cheerful patterns that will bring instant energy to your child’s room.

Screen shot 2013-04-10 at 3.18.50 PM
Photo Credit: Gilt
Screen shot 2013-04-10 at 3.21.12 PM
Photo Credit: Gilt

WallPOPs, one of the most popular wall decal brands, has just come out with a new line of peel-and-stick wallpaper.  Although I wasn’t able to find it on WallPOPs own website yet, you can currently purchase the wallpaper patterns through Gilt.

Photo Credit: Gilt
Photo Credit: Gilt
Screen shot 2013-04-10 at 3.17.31 PM
Photo Credit: Gilt

For best results when hanging peel-and-stick wallpaper, don’t remove the backing all at once. Starting at the top of the wall, remove one foot at a time and adhere that portion to the wall.  Peel away additional backing as you go, working your way down the wall.  Smooth out bubbles as you go, lifting and repositioning paper if necessary.  Use an Xacto blade or similar razor to trim away extra paper from baseboards and corners.  Once finished, roll up the backing and save it in case you need to take down the wallpaper and store it for future use.