Home Style: Painted Wood Walls

A dose of interior design inspiration:

The Barn painted wall

The idea of painting wood fills me with anxiety and excitement. Perhaps only design junkies can relate to that rush that comes with anticipating the failures and rewards of taking a decorating risk. I liken painting wood to coloring your hair for the first time.  You believe that the result will look new, fresh, playful, and fabulous, and yet… you may NEVER be able to get it back to it’s original color AGAIN! At least not without some suffering. But taking risks can be liberating. I love what New England designer Sarah Steinberg did with this converted barn. The rustic farmhouse frame appears light and youthful covered in this on-trend minty blue-green. Somehow I doubt the homeowner wasted a single moment mourning the loss of the natural wood finish.

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Photo Credit:  Houzz – Steinberg Custom Designs

Get The Look: Ombre Wood Paneling

Ever since spotting this photo on Pinterest last Fall, I have been daydreaming about this room with it’s charming wood paneled walls painted in pink ombre.  It’s the kind of space where I can imagine myself doing utterly relaxing, feminine things, like painting my nails whilst sipping lemonade and flipping through a magazine.

pink ombre wood paneling

So imagine my surprise when I was reading the latest issue of House Beautiful (February 2014) and discovered that this wall was created using wallpaper produced by a Dutch company called Eijffinger. Not only does the wallpaper method sound easier than adjusting the tint of your pink paint one wood panel at a time, but it also makes the look accessible to those who don’t have wood panel homes.  It would be especially lovely in a sloped attic (imagine a sunny office or a little girl’s playroom up there!) or a sunroom, or even just a cheerfully casual kitchen.  Better yet, this beachy style is available not only in pink, but in yellow, too.

yellow ombre wood paneling

Visit http://www.brewsterhomefashions.com, or follow this direct link to the Degrado Ombre Painted Wood page on their website for more details.  The suggested retail price is $240 per roll, but you can start by ordering an 8″ x 10″ sample for just $1.99.  They also offer tools to help you find a local retailer and to calculate the quantity your space requires.

Degrado Ombre Painted Wood Pink Degrado Ombre Painted Wood Yellow

Get ready to enjoy some beachside charm year round!

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Photo Credits: Pinterest and Brewster Home Fashions